The Glenfiddich Artists in Residence program in Canada names a Montreal artist as the 2021 recipient of the 15th artist in residence.


TORONTO, ON: Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Program celebrates 15 years of supporting the Canadian art community and awards Montreal-based artist Dean Baldwin Lew a coveted three-month residency at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland.

Valued at $20,000 CAD, the award includes three months of income, travel costs, all-inclusive accommodations, materials, and the opportunity to collaborate with globally celebrated artists.  With his seasoned history of producing provocative and conversation inspiring art across various media, Baldwin beat out upwards of 200 fellow artists for the once-in-a-lifetime residency.

“Providing the opportunity to artists from across the globe to collaborate and create in the scenic Scottish highlands is an honour we respect highly,” comments Artists in Residence Program Coordinator and Curator Andy Fairgrieve. “Each year brings a new selection of passionate artists, and each year we’re greatly impressed by the work that they create.”

Taking place for a consecutive three-months (date to be determined based on COVID regulations), the annual award provides the selected artist a monthly income of approximately $2,400 CAD, travel costs (with a set maximum), a materials allowance of approximately $9,850 CAD and a small, Scottish farmhouse and inspiring studio space on the Glenfiddich Distillery grounds in Scotland. 

The selected artist is encouraged to use their time to create work that is directly influenced by the distillery and its surrounding environment, whether that be through the family history of Glenfiddich, the people and processes at the distillery, or some of the materials involved in the whisky distilling process, including copper, steam, water, malt, or barrels. 

Every year, the pieces created during the residency are vastly different in tone, feel, and medium. The 2019 recipients of the program, Christof Migone and Marla Hlady, developed a unique auditory experience using materials that were common in the distillery. Part of their piece, titled Swan Song, involved using pieces of old stills taken from the Distillery that were repurposed into a large gramophone.

“The Glenfiddich Artist in Residency program is dedicated to supporting and showcasing the extraordinary talent of Canadian artists on a global scale,” adds Beth-Anne Perry, Country Marketing Director, William Grant & Sons in Canada.  “We are delighted to continue our support of the Canadian art community for the fifteenth year.”

Applications for the 2022 Artists in Residency program in Canada are scheduled to open in January 2022.

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Meg Sethi

CEO & Agency Director, Alchemysts Inc.

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