Glenfiddich, Canada’s favourite single malt scotch whisky, is elevating the holidays with the perfect gift for everyone on your nice list.

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Toronto, ON: As the much-anticipated holiday season arrives, shopping lists and gifting ideas become top of mind for celebrating Canadians coast to coast.

Whether a holiday gift wrapped and bowed under brilliantly decorated pines, a gift for surprising an incredibly artistic friend, or the perfect present for your favourite host or hostess, giving the right gift can speak volumes. 

“With so many innovative variants, you’ll always find the perfect gift with Glenfiddich,” comments Jamie Johnson, Glenfiddich National Brand Ambassador of Canada. “From the maverick Experimental Series to the luxurious Time Series, giving Glenfiddich this holiday season is a thoughtful way to gift any friend or family member of legal drinking age a thoughtful gift that speaks to their tastes.  It is truly a spirit for everyone.”

A true maverick spirit, Glenfiddich works tirelessly to pioneer the scotch whisky category with each of its unique innovations. Across its portfolio, the world’s most awarded scotch whisky is free-spirited and innovative in its expressions, continuing to challenge the status quo of the single malt scotch category with each of its releases. 

“We consistently push the boundaries of the scotch whisky category by challenging traditions, exploring new flavours and welcoming unique collaborations,” comments Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich Malt Master. “Maverick is not a label, it’s a mind-set. And the world has never needed it more.” 

From your bestie who’s a whiz behind their home bar, to the uncle that has everything, and everyone in between – Glenfiddich has the perfect scotch to match an expression of personal taste on any occasion, so you can give an iconic gift that means more. 

The Classic Guide: Gifts for Mom and Dad, your boss, and those friends that love dabbling in spirits over the holidays. Oh—and some last-minute ideas, because no matter how much you plan ahead, you know you’ll need them. 

  • For Your Dad: Glenfiddich 18 Y.O.: A Glenfiddich classic with an elevated touch, the 18 Y.O. is a truly exceptional single malt resulting from not just eighteen years of care and attention, but of knowledge passed down through generations.
  • For Your Mom: Glenfiddich 15 Y.O.: This approachable and time-tested favourite exemplifies the Glenfiddich family tradition of innovation. Perfect for enjoying neat or in cocktails with warm notes of spice, honey, and rich fruit. 
  • For Your Grandpa: Glenfiddich 14 Y.O.: The 14 Y.O. is a classic Glenfiddich variant, with a Bourbon barrel twist that will inspire Scotch and bourbon lovers alike. Have Gramps try it in an Old Fashioned! 
  • For the Home Bartender: Glenfiddich 14 Y.O.: For the friend who loves stirring up new things in their home bar. Glenfiddich 14 Y.O. is aged in Bourbon barrels, giving it a structured backbone for cocktails with notes of vanilla, brown sugar, fresh pear and apple.
  • For Your Boss: Glenfiddich 15 Y.O.: For your boss, we suggest Glenfiddich 15 Y.O. This time-tested favourite is an approachable variant with notes of warm spice, honey, and rich fruit, making for a thoughtful gift that won’t go unnoticed. Once you’ve tried it, it’s easy to see why.
  • For the Scotch Aficionado: Glenfiddich Orchard Experiment: For the aficionado who has seemingly tried everything, we suggest the brand new Glenfiddich variant, Orchard Experiment! With notes of pear balanced with delicate oak, it’s a new twist on scotch they’ll be sure to enjoy.
  • For the Whisky-Dabbler: Glenfiddich IPA: This Glenfiddich variant is the first release of the Glenfiddich Experimental series, a unique, approachable scotch blending the notes of single malt with IPA. 
  • For the Scotch Beginner: Glenfiddich 12 Y.O.: The signature Glenfiddich expression, 12 Y.O. is  a classic, approachable, beginner-friendly single malt with notes of fresh pear and subtle oak. 
  • For the Spirits Collector: Glenfiddich Gran-Reserva: For the spirits collector that deserves something unique, Gran-Reserva is certain to please. Uniquely finished in rum casks with beautiful packaging, it’s sure to excite collectors. 
  • For the Whisky Expert: Glenfiddich Fire & Cane: For the friend who’s a true whisky lover, gift Fire & Cane. They’ll enjoy a peated Speyside dram with this unique, unexpected twist. 
  • Last-Minute Gifts: Glenfiddich 12 Y.O.: A go-to option for last minute gifts. Part of the classic Glenfiddich lineup, the 12 Y.O. is an elevated option sure to be well received.

The Holiday-Centric Guide: The perfect gifts for the friend who has everything, the aunt who absolutely LOVES Christmas, and because we all know one, the holiday Grinch.

  • For the Friend Who Has Everything: Glenfiddich Orchard Experiment: The friend who has everything requires something unique. Orchard Experiment is the newest release from the Glenfiddich Experimental series, uniquely finished in Somerset Pomona casks.
  • The Ultra-Festive Friend: Glenfiddich Grand Cru: If you have a friend on your list who just LOVES all things holidays, Grand Cru is for them. Aged for 21 years and finished in French cuvee casks, Grand Cru is worthy of each and every holiday celebration. 
  • The Holiday Grinch: Glenfiddich 18 Y.O.: Turn their frown upside down with a beautifully composed, small batch whisky that will show your Grinch you care enough to buy them the best. 
  • For your Secret Santa: Glenfiddich 15 Y.O.: Time tested and universally loved, Glenfiddich 15 Y.O. is the first to enter the top ten best-selling single malts in the world and a personal favourite of many at the Glenfiddich distillery. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why.
  • For the Host/Hostess: Glenfiddich 14 Y.O.: Glenfiddich 14 is a versatile and elevated host gift that can be enjoyed neat, in cocktails or after the party is over with smooth, sophisticated flavours of woody spices and ripe summer fruit.

The Maverick Guide: The most unique gifts for the most unique individuals on your list. The non-conformist? Check. The thought-leader in your friend group? Check. For the artsy hostess? Double check. 

  • For the Creative: Glenfiddich Project XX: The second release of the Glenfiddich Experimental Series, Project XX was created as a collaboration of over 20 creative and inspired whisky experts worldwide.
  • For the Thought-Leader: Glenfiddich Gran Reserva: A special single malt finished in rum casks, making for a luxurious dram to be cherished in quiet contemplations. 
  • For the Maverick: Glenfiddich 12 Y.O.: The classic Glenfiddich expression, made to serve as the best dram in the valley, breaking free from convention. A single malt with distinctive fresh pear, creamy with subtle oak flavours and a long smooth finish. 
  • For the Fashionista: Glenfiddich Grand Cru: The fashionista in your life deserves something eye catching and decorative—there’s no bottle that will look better on their bar than the elegant Glenfiddich Grand Cru. With its sleek black and gold bottle and beautiful liquid inside, it’s sure to be the star of the show. 
  • For the Risk-Taker: Glenfiddich Fire & Cane: The fourth offering of the Glenfiddich Experimental Series, Fire & Cane is both daring and unexpected. 
  • For the World Traveller: Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel 14: For the world traveller on your list, look to the 14 Y.O. for a scotch option with a Kentucky kick. Finished in new American Oak barrels supplied from Kentucky, imparting notes of woody spice with ripe summer fruit. 


For more information regarding Glenfiddich in Canada, please visit glenfiddich.alchemystsinc.com.

To learn more about the world of Glenfiddich globally, please visit www.glenfiddich.com.


Brianna Carroll

Account Specialist, Alchemysts Inc.

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